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Arturo Prat 83
Curicó, Región del Maule, Chile


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- To confirm the reservation will be charged 30% of the value of lodging.


- Passengers that have paid in advance  may cancel their reservation up to 24 hours before arrival, no charge.


- If not present and does not give a prior notice, the advanced payment will be effective without repayment.

Current Account Data:

Nº 3179576054 - Banco de Chile

Osvaldo Gonzalez Pavez

Rut: 11.370.765-8

We are close to everything:


Environmental Responsibility:
We declare our commitment to sustainability and become an agent of change, offering a service that is capable of generating minimal environmental and social impact, for this we have implemented the following measures:


- Application frequency change of towels and sheets.

- Air conditioning system with energy efficiency certification ECO + A.


- Use of LED bulbs and energy saving.

- Aerators water in the showers.

- Construction materials with high energy efficiency.

- Termopanel windows.

- Preventive Maintenance of water leaks in faucets and showers.

- Ponds toilet with dual flush system.

- Use a thermos to keep hot water.

- Collection tank batteries, cell phones and ink cartridges for recycling.

- Maintenance of equipment and appliances unplugged. (Iron, kettle, oven, etc.)




- According to Law Nº 20.105 its prohibited to smoke in public areas and rooms.


- Non-compliance, will cost the passenger UF 1,00  for sanitization of the room.


- Passengers are not authorized to make repairs inside the room, warn the reception any anomaly.


- Pets are not allowed inside the Hostal.

- Visits are not allowed inside the rooms, if required you can use the living or dining areas for those purposes.

- It is not allowed to accommodate persons other than those previously recorded.

- It is not allowed to take any furniture room or elements outside of them.

  (chairs, pillows, blankets, towels, and so on.)

- The use of device of high electric power consumption such as stoves, irons, or any other are prohibited.

- Any damage to furniture, utensils or infrastructure hostel should be canceled at the time of Check Out.


It is understood that when making the booking, the passenger knows and fully accepts these Rules of Procedure, meaning that agrees and will comply to all the above points.



Arturo Prat 83 - Curicó, Maule Region, Chile

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